Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Floral Garage Singapore #SP

Hello guys!

Floral Garage has very kindly sent me a floral box as a gift for my mom's birthday last month :)

Floral Garage Singapore was founded in 2015 by Jonah and Justin. They aim to provide the best to all customers. More importantly, the team at FGSG feels that no individual should be deprived of the chance to purchase a simple bouquet as a token of appreciation for someone special. 

That being said, FGSG's catalogue has been priced to cater to people of all budgets and preferences. 
FGSG also believes that every customer deserves personalised customer service regardless of time and day.

This flower gift box is really one of a kind and I haven't seen such a lovely flower gift set like that. I rarely receive flowers (because I think it's a waste of money) but this was so beautiful and I really am changing my mind about flowers. After giving this to my mom, she left the flowers to dry and I've learnt from a friend that dried flowers can be used as very unique and beautiful decorations in your room :)

This floral gift box comes with an acrylic, see-through lid that is bound to boast the beauty of your receiver. It also comes with a special fragrance - they specially chose Flora by Gucci for my mom and they were spot on! My mom loves floral scent and she was actually really touched by this gift. 

You can also personalise your own message - mine was quite cliche la as you can see above haha. Love how they put in work in decorating that white piece of paper. 

The above flower hamper can be found here:

Btw, I was writing this post in my class and one of my friends literally went "Omg, so nice, how much, from where, wanna buy for my girlfriend"... hehe boys you know what to do ^^

Thank you Justin for sending this lovely hamper over! 

Girls, guys, whoever, if you want to get this flower gift set or any bouquets or hampers for your loved ones, you are in luck because you get 10% off when you use my discount code "ISABELLA10" :)

Find them here!

Floral Garage SG
Website: Here
Hampers page: Here
Products: Here

Happy shopping and I wish you a blessed week ahead!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Infidelity in relationships

Infidelity & Cheating. 

This has been a topic that I've always contemplated blogging about, but I had no guts to. For the past few years, I wanted so badly to talk about everything that I've been through, but I was too afraid of what others would say or think. I spent the past few months trying to figure out why I was so afraid of getting into new relationships after my previous one. I now know why; infidelity causes trauma. It really does.

I was single for more than a year before getting into a relationship with my current bf. I had come out of a 3.5 years long relationship - a relationship that was so controlling and so toxic. I thought that the length of time that I was single gave me enough time to heal from the depression, anger, anxiety, betrayal and hurt that was brought upon me by a cheater. A serial cheater. But I was wrong. Till today, I'm still suffering from some of the emotional trauma that I did not confront or address after the relationship ended.

Let's call this serial cheater ex-boyfriend of mine, Z. Before I got together with Z, I knew of his cheating habits, his cheating ways. But I thought I could change him. You see, for generations and generations, women often think that they have what it takes to change a man. LOL of course this never works. You can never change a cheater. Ever heard of the phrase, "once a cheater, always a cheater"? According to Psychology Today, cheaters usually experience something known as "cheater's high" following bouts of cheating. The act of getting away with cheating is addictive - both emotionally and psychologically. Feelings of pleasure and arousal are triggered when someone is able to get away with something they have done. Same thing applies to cheating - when someone starts cheating and gets away with it, they continue to do it. Over and over and over again.

In the past, if my friends were to tell me that their boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on them, my immediate response to them would probably be "what the f*ck, if it were me, I would dump his sorry and pathetic ass and tell him to f*ck off forever". It's easy to say things like that when you're not the one in the scenario. But when it actually happens to you, you react differently because real feelings are involved. And that was what happened to me. Even though I caught Z cheating plenty of times, I chose to forgive him. I put down my pride, ego & dignity and forgave this unworthy man. This will always be the biggest mistake of my life because not only did it f*ck me up emotionally, I am still unable to fully recover from the trauma of being cheated on.

For years, I asked myself "What did I do wrong?" (that resulted in him cheating) instead of realising that, it was never my fault. Cheating is an act. When your partner decides to cheat on you, it has NOTHING to do with you and everything to do with him or her. It is a unilateral decision that your partner made without your consent. This disgusting act is a reflection of THEIR bad behaviour, and not a reflection of you.This is still something I'm trying to work on, accepting that there is nothing wrong with me, and that Z is the one with issues. I really don't understand why I never saw the red flags.

Sometimes we try to convince ourselves that we’ve gotten over the hurt of being cheated on. I  got pretty good at convincing myself that I was“over it”. However, sometimes the aftermath of being cheated on surfaces when you enter new relationships. Irrational feelings of jealousy and suspicion becomes so profound, and you can never get rid of the idea that your new partner will cheat on you. No matter how our new partners try to convince us that they are not like our previous partners, we still obsess and make up scenarious in our minds. We harbour unncessary suspicion and doubt, and end up acting in ways that ruin our new relationships. We create what we fear. Sometimes I feel sorry for my current bf because he has to deal with the aftermath of something that he was not even a part of. And this is what I'm trying to work on. He has not given me any reasons to distrust him, and has never broken my trust, and yet I get angry with him and compare him to Z - even though in reality he is NOTHING like Z and will never come close.

I feel like the first step to overcome and cope with being cheated on, is to face and confront reality. In the past I used to deny it. I used to make up excuses for Z when he cheated on me.
"I didn't give him enough time"
"I neglected him"
"He did it because it was the girl who talked to him first"
"He did it because I couldn't give him what he wanted"
"He did it because I wasn't good enough"
and the list goes on and on.

Once you actually accept that your partner cheated on you, you can then decide what you want to do from there. Of course if you choose to forgive your partner, nobody can judge you or fault you for it. But from my experience and from what I've seen and heard from friends who got cheated on, a cheater will never change. I've held this belief strong, and I will never ever get together with a person who has cheated before. I will never put myself down so low again, so as to forgive someone who destroyed my trust in them.And I really hope all of you girls & guys out there do the same too.No matter how sorry that person is, once you forgive them, they will take advantage of that 2nd chance given to them. Old habits die hard, and the dynamics of a relationship after being cheated on changes drastically.

Before I got together with my current bf, I was adamant that I did not want to be in a relationship because of the hurt that I went through. I closed up, put up walls to guard myself, and pushed people out. I did not want to risk being open and vulnerable to anyone. I told him countless of times that I wanted nothing more than friendship and made up excuses to push him away. Thankfully, he was persistant and won me over with his sincerity. And I will forever be thankful for that because I honestly never thought I could love again.

Before we got together, I also made it clear that I will never tolerate cheating anymore. I let him know all about my past and what Z did to me.. If you're going to get into a new r/s after being cheated on, I feel that this will be especially helpful for your partner, who may not understand the negative emotions or intense reactions that you may have over something that to him or her seems innocuous. When you explain that your brain naturally resorts to worst-case scenarios, he or she can make the choice to be more sensitive to your emotional needs or take extra steps to make you feel secure.Which is what my current bf does :)

The journey towards healing and managing your emotions lies with YOU and is not the responsibility of your new partner. I made the mistake of thinking that my current bf is obliged to do certain things because he is supposed to help me recover and make me feel secure.But I now know that it is important for me to see him as a different individual, one different from Z, and see this relationship as a new and unique one. I am trying not to let my past poison my view of my current bf, because it is not fair at all to him.

I'm trying to accept and recognise that what happened to me was devastating, but I didn't die. I got over it, I moved on and I found someone better.

"And in the end, you may be hurt again. Yes, it is a possibility. But you also have the emotional resources and personal strength to handle that. Love is always a gamble, but every mistake or heartbreak need not make us jaded, just a little wiser. Embrace the fun and excitement and personal challenge of loving and trusting again"

Many times I feel like walking away because I just don't want to risk being vulnerable. My bf sent me this the other day when we were talking about this issue. It is referenced from the movie Ghost of Girlfriends' Past:

"Yes, I do. I've been in your shoes. You know what? It scared the hell out of me too. What if she hurt me? What if she left me? What if she died? It would have been the end of me. So I cut it short, before she ever could. And you know what? It was the biggest mistake I ever made. And you're making the same mistake right now, and I'll be goddamned if I'm going to sit by and watch. You've got to risk love, Sandra! I didn't and look at me! I'm a lonely ghost of a man. It doesn't mean that you're never going to get hurt, but the pain you feel will never compare to the regret that comes from walking away from love. And from someone who's felt a lot of both, trust me, pain beats regret every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Don't run away. Don't do it."

The pain of regret will always be worse than giving it a shot and failing. That's why I'm going to try. Try to recover and get better from the trauma that Z put me through. And I believe I can do it. With the help of my family, friends and bf, one day I will be free from all these baggages.

If you're going through something like this, let me tell you that time heals. It really does. 
In time you will find someone so much better, someone worthy of your love, and you will thank yourself for moving on from that scumbag who doesn't deserve a single piece of you, and you will be happy :)


To my bf: Thank you for everything, you have been nothing but a gem :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

NTU Business Year 1 Review

Hello fellow earthlings!

I've finally completed Year 1, and have been placed into my specialisation!!!! I would love to share some knowledge about what I've learnt in NBS Year 1, review on some of the modules, recommended tutors and how to do well for certain mods :)

So yesterday morning,  I got results of my specialisation! It was kinda expected though because Marketing was my first choice haha. I was contemplating between HR and Marketing. But given that I've done HR as my specialisation in poly, I figured that I wanted to try something new. Moreover, I did well for my AB0901 Marketing module last semester so, it was Marketing for me. Woohoo!

I still can't believe Year 1 of my university life is over. All my life, ever since I was in primary school, it has always been a dream to get into one of the local universities here. I was never good enough. PSLE 182. HAH. Who would have thought I'd ended up in Nanyang Business School? Seriously though, when I got my results, my entire clique scored above 200 points and went on to the Express stream and great schools like MGS. My dream of getting into St Marg's (hey, I thought the polkda dot uniform was damn cool) was also crushed because I didn't meet the points. All in all, it worked out for me because I found lifelong friends in STC :)

Ok I'm digressing here. Back to the main point of this post!

I was in Group A so I took mods like FA and FM in sem 1.

Year 1 Sem 1

1. AD1101 Financial Accounting

Course Assessments:
Class Participation - 10%
Team Project - 20%
In-class Quiz - 10%
Team Presentation - 10%
Finals (2.5 hr paper) - 50%
Total - 100%

Recommended Tutors:
Chong Eng Heng, Anil J Shukla

If syllabus is still using Cengage, then you have to buy a textbook because you need the code to access CENGAGE and do tutorials (questions from tutorial will be from textbook & past year papers)

I had some FA background because I did 3 modules of Accounting in poly. I would say that my accounting is pretty zai haha. For those from business courses in poly, FA should be a breeze for you! Just need to be consistent and go for lectures to refresh your memory because you may have forgotten some of the important terms. For those from JC, FA may be harder for you as this is a new module and subject, and FA requires a lot a lot of practice in order for you to do well. Group project is super important, my group secured an A+ so we all did relatively well for finals! My prof was Anil and he did not let us form our own groups, thank God my group mates were pretty damn awesome and hardworking :') all in all, FA requires consistent practice, you SHOULD do all your tutorials before going for class and be sure to practice past year papers (damn important this one!!!) and remember what is debit and credit (this is the basic foundation of accounting)

The course coordinator for FA was Chong Eng Heng and everyone who got him said that he is dammmn good. But I got Anil, and I think he is equally good as well. One thing about Prof Anil is that he likes to go through a lecture recap during his lessons, which is a good thing I feel, especially if you missed a certain lecture. Also, he is very patient and answers all e-mails :)

2. AB1201 Financial Management

Course Assessments:
Common Quiz - 15%
Tutorial Presentation (Group) - 5%
News Critique (Group) - 10%
Class Participation - 10%
Finals (2 hr paper) - 60%
Total - 100%

Recommended Tutors:
Angie Low (Not sure if she's still teaching FM)

Recommended to get the textbook & financial calculator is a MUST

I did FM in poly in Year 2 and scored pretty well. But in uni, omg, I was lost as hell during lectures and class and I failed my common quiz :( only scored 9/20 HAHAHA. But that's because I didn't practice FM or made the point to understand the basic concepts (Time value of money very impt!!!) I think I still did pretty well for finals because my final grade was B+. Anyway, FM reallllly must practice one. I did like.. more than 6 past year papers (including tutorials all over again) while practicing for finals and I re-did them over and over again until I could do it without referring to my notes.

Prof Angie is also quite strict so you should take note of that. She doesn't like it when people use laptops or phones in class. But she's super nice and always available for consultations so do look for her if you need help.

3. AB1301 Business Law

Course Assessments:
Class Participation - 30%
Mid Term Assignment - 20%
Finals (2 hr paper) - 50%
Total - 100%
(am not sure if this is still the same)

Recommended Tutors:
Dennis Ong, Tan Peng Kwee

Textbooks are required.

I did Biz Law in poly before but it was WAY EASIER THERE. No doubt we had to memorize everything in poly because it was closed book, but it was still easier. In uni, biz law is open book. Open book exams are a killer!!!

For biz law, you gotta do up your own 'Bible'. I did my own bible and used it during exam. You should also do your own bible, can try to get from seniors but I think its best if you still edit here and there because you're going to be the one using it and referring to it during exam afterall. It's an interesting module, especially to the JC kids and those who have an interest in law. For me, I only like criminal law and have already done Biz Law in poly thus I didn't enjoy this mod. Didn't help it that class part was 30% and I was damn quiet the whole time in class. Also, my dog passed away a week before mid term assignment was due LOL. Shag. Didn't do as well as I expected for Biz Law. :(

I did not get Dennis Ong so I don't know much about how he teaches, but from what I heard, he's a great prof. May be a bit strict but still, it's good for you. Haha, I got Prof Tan Peng Kwee. Funny guy, doesn't like to give answers as he wants you to think on your own. Was a lawyer before and tends to share some of his cases (funny ones too) so it was nice to listen to them during class. I feel like Prof Tan challenges you to think like a lawyer and not like a biz student.

4. AB1401 Information Technology

Course Assessments:
Sorry, can't remember!

Recommended Tutors:
Marc Low, Chia Chian Hong

I didn't get any textbooks!

I honestly hated this module haha. But it's a core so, too bad for me. Nothing much to say about this mod, other than the fact that unless you're very IT savvy (i.e. you know what RAM ROM circuit/packet switching is), then good luck, it is memory work all the way.

You'll be lucky if you're in Group A because you'll be doing this in conjunction with the Foundational Excel course. Unfortunately, for prof Chia Chian Hong, he does not teach/go through excel in class, so you really gotta step up and learn it yourself (its 20 marks in the final paper). I left my 20m blank HAHAHA and filled in nonsense because I really had no idea how to write out all the excel functions. You literally have to memorize and write things like =SUM(A1:A5) --> btw this is like easy af so don't expect them to ask you such easy questions. They literally test functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX and I don't even know what else because I can't remember.

Prof Marc Low, from what I heard, is very good and will teach you all you need to know about excel. Unfortunately for me, my excel was super weak!!!

Group project is only 10% if I'm not wrong, so not that much focus on group project.

5. AB0601 Communication Management Fundamentals

Course Assessments:
Written Assessment - 30%
Oral Assessment 1 - 10%
Oral Assessment 2 - 30%
Social Media Assignment - 10%
Class Participation - 20%
Total - 100%

Recommended Tutors:
I don't have any recommended tutors personally, but seniors have mentioned Prof Chan Boh Yee and Annetha.

I did not get any textbooks.

This was an okay mod for me. Having done Business Communication 1, 2 and 3 in poly, presentations and speeches don't really scare me.

Generally, poly students tend to do well in this module I would say. Some JC kids also. But I've seen people who are extremely anxious or have stage fright and completely forget their script when they present. My prof did not allow us to hold scripts while we were presenting. Do bear in mind you will be recorded whenever you present, and your every move - from the way you stand, where you point, where you stand, where your eyes look - will be analysed and scrutinised when graded. So you really gotta be confident! Social media assignment was the most fun for me :) shan't mention much about it here, you'll know it when you have to do it.

This is not a core biz mod but should still aim to do well for it!

Year 1 Sem 2

1. AD1202 Statistics and Quantitative Methods

Course Assessments:
In-class Quiz - 20%
Team Presentation - 10%
Finals - 70%
Total - 100%
(But am pretty sure the syllabus has changed already, as mentioned by Prof Chin last sem)

Recommended Tutors:
Chin Chee Kai, Bala

Need textbook for tutorial questions and practice.

Walao, I seriously DIED for stats. Wanted to dapao this module so badly. Oh btw, dapao in NTU means to bring over the module to another semester. So many of my friends (from both JC and poly) dapao-ed stats... hahaha. I conquered it though, although I didn't do very well, I got a C. Quite sad though, I felt that finals was easy. But I think that's the reason why - cuz of the bell curve. Everyone found it rather do-able.But anyway, I tell you, stats requires A LOT of hardwork. A lot a lot a lot. Must practice like siao, especially if you have no stats background (LIKE ME, actually I did a bit of stats in poly year 1 but I got a C+ LOL).

After every lecture, I was literally like "wtf just happened" and it didn't help that tutorials were only 1.5 hrs short. Prof Chin is really good though, and a very hardworking prof I must say. Was very lucky to have been in his tutorial. For his classes, class part don't need to fight, because he will randomly choose people to answer questions in class. Haha. That's why die die must do tutorial because he may pick you anytime.

All in all, stats really requires a lot of practice and understanding. As long as you're not bad at math like me, then you should be good. Otherwise, may the force be with you. Exams are open book - but once again, open book exams are the killer ones, you have no time to refer.

2. AB0901 Principles of Economics: A Singapore Perspective

Course Assessments:
Quizzes - 20%
Class Participation - 10%
Final Examination - 70%

Recommended Tutors:

I had an e-textbook sent to me by a friend. Textbook can be good for further understanding.

Econs was another module that killed me. I hated it soooo bad. Almost dapao-ed it also. LOL. What made things worse was that the grades for our quizzes (2 quiz - 10% each) were not given to us. So we had absolutely no idea where we stood for econs. Econs in uni is crazy man. Especially if you're from poly, you'll be competing with students who have basic knowledge and foundation having done H1 and H2 in JC. Even my H2 friends mentioned that some of the content weren't even taught in JC. This mod cramps like soooo many topics in less than 4 short months. Be prepared to mug extra hard for econs.

You just need to really read and know your content and graphs damn well. Finals will all require you to draw graphs (like 80-90% of the questions) Unfortunately, econs is a closed book exam and I did not practice any past year papers because the profs will not mark them or go through them with you.

3. AB1501 Principles of Marketing

Course Assessments:
Team Presentation - 30%
Experiments - 10%
Class Participation- 10%
Finals - 50%
Total - 100%
(Not sure if I remembered this correctly)

Recommended Tutors:
Lim Boon Chong

Need textbook to do bible.

Marketing was very enjoyable for me and I had background in poly. Group project plays quite a crucial role so be sure to find good groupmates and come up with a GOOD product to introduce. Marketing is also another module that requires a bible that you have to do up. Exam is open book but you cannot merely copy & paste - you really gotta understand and apply the concepts in order to do well.

Honestly, I didn't attend any marketing lectures, only the 1st one and the revision lecture. But that's because I felt that reading the textbook and understanding the concept was far more important. I still did well for marketing though! I didn't get Prof Lim but I heard he's good, albeit pretty strict. My prof was Ali Farijad, a new prof apparently. He's pretty okay, but doesn't go through the format on how to answer past year papers. My friend who did marketing in the 1st sem actually gave me a crash course one day before the paper on how to answer the questions, and thus I think it's why I managed to do fairly well. For marketing, you just need to really understand concepts and apply them to questions in order to do well.

4. AB1601 Organisational Behaviour & Design

Course Assessments:
Creative Thinking Assignment - 20%
Critical Thinking Assignment - 20%
Team Presentation- 10%
Finals - 50%
Total - 100%

Recommended Tutors:
Koh Cheng Boon, Don Willis, Stuart Lloyd Arnold

Need textbook for bible.

OB and marketing are pretty similar - you need to do up your own bible, understand concepts and theories and apply them during examinations. Exam is open book - thus the bible will help you a lot. Heard that the course coordinator prof Koh Cheng Boon is pretty good. OB has no lectures - they are all 3 hour seminars. I've also heard Prof Don Willis is pretty good. My prof was SLA. Extremely fun, nice and patient prof. Seminars were made very enjoyable by him and I looked forward to my Friday seminars :)

5. BE1401 Business Operations & Processes

Course Assessments:
Team Presentations - 30%
Quizzes - 20%
Finals - 50%
Total - 100%
(Not sure if I remembered this correctly)

Recommended Tutors:
Arvind Sainathan

I didn't buy any textbooks.

I thought that biz ops would have been a killer for me but thankfully no, I did rather okay. I failed my quizzes though, I think it was the group project that saved me - my group got an A! Group project for biz ops is quite important, so make sure you do well for it. Biz ops is a little like stats, so you really need practice. Certain topics like Network Diagram is easy, but the rest are quite hard (at least to me)

Prof Arvind is really smart and knows his stuff super well, so you'll be lucky to get him. He's also very nice - I had 2 consultations with him before my exam and he really helped answer my doubts and queries. All in all, biz ops is a module that requires lots of practice and understanding, just like stats. If you're good at math, this should be easy for you. If not, practice hard and you'll do fine :)


Hope that helped! I haven't taken any electives yet but I'll be doing so in Y2. If I can give you any advice, I would recommend that you go for all your papers & give your best. Don't dapao any modules UNLESS you really have to or you are really aiming to graduate with first class honours and can't let a bad grade affect your GPA. For me, I'm more concerned with graduating, getting good internships and the learning journey. Of course GPA is important but it's not the most important. Dapao-ing mods can become a bad habit, and if you really dapao too many mods, you won't be able to graduate in 3 years. I've seen students like this. So trust me, don't dapao!!!

Wishing all of you freshies & potential freshies good luck and a wonderful academic year ahead at NTU. See you when school starts in August! :)

Study hard, PLAY HARDER!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80’s movies? I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an 80’s movie, preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason. But no, no, John Hughes did not direct my life."

Monday, March 7, 2016



Trust me I was asked this question more than 191019019 times by my family, friends and MYSELF last year. 

Luckily for me, my grades were good enough to get me to my desired courses and all 3 universities! But ultimately NTU was my choice. Since you guys have probably submitted all your uni applications and are probably thinking.. "which uni should I choose",  honestly, I can't tell you what school is the best for you but I can offer you some advice and my thoughts on NTU :)


One important thing to do when deciding which uni to choose is to GO FOR OPEN HOUSES. 

Actually sorry this advice came in a little too late because NTU and SMU have already had their open houses yesterday/today.. well NUS will be having their open house next week so drop by if you can!

Why did I choose NTU?

Well, my decision was based solely on what I heard from other people about the various schools.. and that was a huge mistake that I had made. 

If I could rewind time, I would have definitely gone for all 3 open houses because you get to tour around the school, get a glimpse of the environment you're going to be in for the next 3-4 years, have a look at what the people there are like, what the culture of the school is like, whether you think you'll fit it and whether you feel like you 'belong' there. ALSO, you get to find out more about the course that you'll be taking. 

Also, DON'T (REALLY) LISTEN TO OTHERS, of if you do, it's better to seek different opinions and perspectives from different people.

Before I made my decision, I spoke to quite a few people about SMU vs NTU.

For me, I had quite a few seniors and friends who were in SMU and NTU. (I didn't really consult any NUS friends because I felt that for business, SMU & NTU were more appealing to me. Sorry if this offends anyone, but my mind was set on either only SMU/NTU and I don't really have any idea why. it just was) 

My mind was initially set on SMU and I was sure I was going to accept SMU because I was really interested in their teaching pedagogy and felt that it was an up and coming university. Also, being in the heart of town, I felt that SMU had the best location. However, most of my SMU friends that I spoke to had really strong negative views about the school and told me to make a wise choice and stay away from SMU. They told me how much of a dog eat dog world SMU is, and how bitchy and competitive the people there are. (little did I know, no matter which school you go to, there are always gonna be selfish, competitive and ruthless people that will step over you and do whatever it takes to get the best for themselves)

On the contrary, when I spoke to my NTU seniors and friends, they told me they enjoyed NTU and told me to join NTU because NBS is very reputable and offers a 3-year direct honours programme. 

And so.. I was influenced by what these 2 different groups of people said and chose to accept NTU's offer. 

But I think I made a wrong choice in not speaking to friends from each school with both POVs.

It was only AFTER I entered NBS that I heard from people who disliked NBS, and heard from people who loved SMU. So my perceptions were kinda wrong about both schools in the beginning. 

But do I regret my choice?

The grass is always greener on the other side and there are times I think to myself, life would've been better if I had gone to SMU/NUS.

All in all, NBS is a great school, I don't regret my choice and I'm happy that I get to graduate faster! :)

How I feel about NTU (NBS in particular):

*WARNING these are just MY VIEWS AND OPINIONS, what I say may or may not be true, so don't let it affect your decision*

Pros (basically reasons why I CHOSE NTU):

1. Timing
3 YEARS, direct honours?! Say whuuutt....

The fact that NTU's biz degree is only 3 years, makes me very HAPPY because I feel that getting a degree doesn't require such a long period of time. Also, I have spent 2 more extra years (1 in NA stream and 1 extra year in poly) so, graduating faster is a PLUS for me. If you're looking to graduate faster or just feel that 3 years is a good enough time to complete your degree, then I think NBS is the place for you. Can't speak for the other degrees because I don't really know much and most courses are 4 years, NBS is just very special :D

2. One of the World's Top Universities
NTU has a strong, reputable and recognised school name. We are a globally recognised education institution whose ranking has jumped to 12th.. or was it 13th? Sorry I'm too lazy to open a new tab to check but yeah, NTU is one of Asia and the world's most reputable universities, and NBS has been (according to the Economist), the best business school in Asia. 

So, if you're someone that really takes into consideration a school's branding, then you should consider NTU :)

3. Huge Campus
HUGGGEE CAMPUS. We have north spine and south spine.. and god knows what, I haven't really explored the entire school yet. OH YA, we have NIE inside NTU, and more than 18 residential halls (each hall has a few blocks also btw).

 Honestly, I'm not a fan of NTU's location (will explain why in the cons below) but I really appreciate how big our campus is and am amazed at the amount of facilities and resources we have. NTU has many libraries and study corners, so that's something you can expect. Also, we have RESIDENTIAL HALLS. So if you're someone that wants to experience hall life/want to live in hall so badly, then you should consider NUS/NTU. Hall life can be very fun especially if you enjoy joining those committees and hall sports.. there's also IHG (Inter Hall Games ah?? Idek actually) so if you're a highly competitive person, then this will be fun for you.

4. Teaching Pedagogy (this is both a pro and con for me)
If you're someone who enjoys the traditional classroom learning style and enjoy attending lectures, then I think you'd be safer if you chose NTU or NUS. This is because SMU's teaching pedagogy focuses on seminar-based learning style and this reinforces class participation, thus if you're someone that's really quiet and prefer a one-way learning (i.e. professor talks, you sit and listen), then you are more suited for the traditional learning style and NTU and NUS may be better for you.

Also, I like lectures because I can skip (and watch the recorded lectures online), as for seminars, I don't think you can skip them because usually seminars aren't recorded. BUT DON'T LEARN FROM ME AH! HAHAHA.

I've had friends from SMU who complain about the class participation in SMU because people are constantly fighting to speak up in class and also, there's a TA (Teaching Assistant?) to observe the class and note down your class participation. Kinda stressful I feel. 


1. Culture
After coming to NBS though, I feel that the culture here is very different from what I had expected it to be. People here are more reserved.. I feel that they tend to stick to their own friends. So usually it's hard to integrate into cliques because I feel people aren't very welcoming.

The people here are also more skewed to the chinese-speaking side so if you hate speaking chinese then I'm sorry my friend, you gotta try (personally I can interact with people in both chinese and english so it's ok for me and I enjoy speaking chinese).  Of course there are people on the other end of the spectrum but GENERALLY, more are skewed to the chinese-speaking side. 

I also find that there aren't a lot of people with the same personalities as me or have the same interests as me. Thus I find it hard to make GOOD friends because of these differences, but that's just me. So if you're someone who's really looking for a fulfilling university life where you hope to make LOTS of friends, you may wanna consider the cultures of each school.

2. Hall life
I chose NTU also partly because I thought I would enjoy hall life but no, I stayed in hall for 1 semester and the withdrew because.. 1) I couldn't stand hall commitments (i.e. joining a committee or some sports/activity to earn hall points) 2) I didn't enjoy living without my family (coz I'm a very family person) 3) I was always out of school because most of my friends are not in NTU, thus I hardly went back to hall. So if you're like me in all these aspects then I suggest, don't stay in hall hahahahaha, unless you live damn far away from school.

And so this brings me to my next point, 

3. Location
NTU is REALLY PULAU NTU.. they weren't joking when they said this. Being a westie, I thought that NTU would be an ideal/ok location to travel to because well.. BOON LAY AND UPPER BUKIT TIMAH ARE BOTH IN THE WEST RIGHT. But boy was I wrong. To get to school, I have 2 ways:

1) Take a bus to Bukit Batok MRT -> change one stop to JE MRT -> take the train to PIONEER / BOON LAY -> take 179 to NTU = total travelling time, usually 1 hour.. could be more or less depending on peak hour or not.

2) Take a bus to Bukit Batok -> change to another bus to BOON LAY -> from BOON LAY, take 179 to NTU (this ROUTE LONGER, coz bus always caught in jam) 

I HATE TRAVELLING. If you know me personally, you'd know that I hate travelling. SO I really don't understand why I didn't see this coming. If I were to go to NUS/SMU, life would have been so much easier zzz. 

But then again, that's just me. Personally, LOCATION plays a very important part in deciding whether I like the school or not. And thus, because travelling to NTU is such a hassle, and because NTU is situated really far away from civilisation, I kinda really dislike the environment and don't enjoy studying/being in school. So, once again, if you are a person that really takes LOCATION into consideration when choosing a school, you might want to consider carefully because this is where you're going to be spending your next 3-4 years.  

Also, this is why I hardly study in school for those of you who ask, because I find it a chore to travel to and fro from NTU.

Location-wise and campus-wise, I really like SMU and NUS campus and location. I feel that the most accessible school is of course SMU, it also has a very conducive studying environment. And the nicest campus goes to NUS.

4. Teaching Pedagogy
Then again, I feel that the traditional classroom learning is TOO one-way and does not allow for much two way interactions between the profs and students.

Having a two-way teaching style encourages students to talk and to speak up, and this is an important thing for us because we'll need it in the working world, and I guess SMU is doing right in this area. Also, it forces students to step out of their comfort zone and speak out. Moreover, their timetables are less packed because seminar-style teaching means that you do not have lectures & tutorials, both are merged during seminars (correct me if I am wrong, but this is what seminar-based learning in NTU is like) 


So yeap.. these are just some pros and cons I feel about NTU. These are just my two cents and something you can CONSIDER when making your decisions, but please don't blame me if you chose NUS/NTU/SMU and hate it because we are all different in our own ways and.. yah, what I like may not be what you like, what I THINK may not be what YOU think.. so.. to each his own. 

At the end of the day, if you think that you made the wrong choice in terms of school or degree programme, you can always change or transfer schools, but of course the ideal scenario would be that this does not happen lah. 

Well, all in all, I hope all of you make a wise choice and go with YOUR HEART, not listen to what other people have to say (including me haha) because in the end, it's YOUR education, YOUR life, and you should be in a school where you enjoy the environment and campus life. Also, just know that, no matter where you go (NUS/NTU/SMU/SIM etc.), you'll still reach your final destination (getting your degree). Hope I've helped in some ways.

Good Luck and I will see you in NTU if you decide to come here ;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Salon De Choix

Hello guys!

Went back to Salon De Choix again last week to fix my hair and I'm so sad because these extensions that I'm wearing will have to be removed next month and that means I'll be back to short hair again :( And I think I really look horrible in short hair... Might go back to get new extensions done again but we'll see about that.. Anyhoos.. here's a picture of my hair now!!

Went for the blonde ombre look and my hair is honestly quite dry from bleaching alrdy :( I'm kinda so used to long hair that I'm so scared of taking these extensions out but I have no choice!!! URGH!

Well.. you know the drill.. quote my name "ISABELLA" for 15% off all chemical services :)

Thank you Salon De Choix and Chester for the amazing work as always!

Thanks for reading guys! I'll catch you in my next post :)

Salon De Choix is located at:
3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 (Opposite KPO/Orchard Central)


I'll be heading to Europe on Sunday and I'll be vlogging my trip! I wanna start getting back into blogging regularly again so give me time to settle in again! HEHE. Will also be doing a few adverts while I'm there so blogshops owners/anyone who would like to send me items for adverts, please do so before Sunday! (You can email me at isblla@hotmail.com) Have a great week ahead guys!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

LUSH Aesthetics

Sponsored Post

Recently went to LUSH Aesthetics, my new facial sponsor (yay!) for my first ever facial treatment in my life. LOL. I haven't done facials before because I have rather good skin.. I get breakouts occasionally.. especially when I get my period. Also, I actually don't really take good care of my skin because I'm a very lazy person. But when I got the chance to work with Lush Aesthethics I jumped straight in because I know my skin can be better improved and I want to start taking good care of my skin since I'm getting older (omg I'm gonna be 22 next year WHUT)!!!

Some info on Lush Aesthetics:
"LUSH Aesthetics is a Multi Award-Winning Aesthetics Centre aimed to be the leading Aesthetics Centre in Singapore with the latest aesthetic equipment and the latest FDA approved Aesthetic Technologies. We believe in delivering a safe and non-invasive total aesthetic solution for an overall transformation.

At LUSH Aesthetics, we provide a premium one-stop solution for teeth whitening, hair removal, skin care, hair care and slimming.

LUSH Aesthetics is the place where you discover a new you."

I had an appt last Friday and went down to LUSH Aesthetics @ Tanglin Shopping Centre. The staff were super friendly and welcoming when I arrived! Made me feel very comfortable hehe.

(Ok 2 different camera qualities because my Samsung NX Mini died on me and had to be sent for repair, thus I brought my old DV300F instead and the photo quality SUCKS)

(Photo credits here)

I first had a consultation with one of the staff there Leticia. Leticia had to remove my makeup and analyse my skin. She told me I had good skin (yay!) but my skin was SUPER DRY. Which was something that confused me because all these while I thought I had super oily skin. She explained that it was because I didn't moisturize my skin enough, thus my skin was super dry and in order to compensate for the dryness, my skin produces more oil because it is too dry! And all these while I've been using products for oily skin when I was supposed to use products for dry skin -_- I'm so thankful that I now know I have dry skin and have been using moisturizer every day now! I

Leticia told me that I should never skip the moisturizer because I sleep in an airconditioned room as well, which sucks all the moisture out of my skin and leaves my skin super dry! She recommended a laser face treatment called AlmaLASE for me.

The Laser Face Treatment by AlmaLASE at LUSH Aesthetics utilizes the latest technology in Laser Face Rejuvenation. This treatment targets various skin conditions and imperfections such as acne, open pores, pigmentation, brown spots, dull skin, aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is most commonly used for the pores, pimples and pigmentation. The core benefits of this treatment would be an immediate whitening and exuding radiance from the skin. At the same time, we can notice lightening and improvements of imperfections of the skin.

This quick and effective treatment utilizes micro beams of lasers along with an in-motion technology to eliminate signs of aging and imperfections. No preparation required for this laser treatment and practically no down time, enabling you to resume routine activities immediately. It is painless and safe for everyday use to ensure that your skin is at tip-top condition all day long.The AlmaLASE Laser Facial empowers dry-cleansing of face without the fear of high costs, downtime and side effects. 

These was my room! It was super comfy but the pics don't do justice because my camera sucks :(((
This was taken after the treatment at night with no base makeup (only concealer for my under eyebags):
 My before and after photos aren't drastic and you can't see much of a difference because I did not have any redness or acne/pimples. But take a look at some pictures I took from the website:
There is a significant difference as you can see!!! 

I can tell you that my skin felt super fresh, smooth and tighter after the treatment though. When I went home, my parents told me my skin looked better and smoother hehe. 

This is 1.5 weeks post treatment and I love how my skin looks! (I do have concealer on for my under eye circles but no foundation/bb cream/whatever at all!)
See how smooth it is!!! I use to use BB/CC cream every day but now I can skip this step!
 You can see that my nose is still a little dry though. Still trying to get into the moisturizer regime haha.

But overall, I'm super satisfied with my first facial laser treatment with Lush Aesthetics :)

You can quote my name ISABELLA_LUSH_LF25 / 60 for either $25 (1 session) or $60 (3 sessions)  for either $25 (1 session) or $60 (3 sessions)

LUSH Aesthetics
 19 Tanglin Rd, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11, Singapore 247909
Tel: 6737 4964

Thank you Lush Aesthetics! I can't wait to be back next month!